About Us

Welcome to M/S BARUAH DEVELOPERS AND INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED, creators of premium residential and commercial projects. We strive for excellence, and aim not only to meet our customers’ expectations but to surpass them. Our goal is to provide each client with quality, professional home designs, house plans, multifamily plans, garage plans, vacation homes and more from leading designers and architects.

We take care of all your requirements and in the process; we give you total peace of mind. .We are a full-service organization with in-house architects, engineers and construction crew. We also have an in-house interior design division that helps design homes as per customer tastes and preferences. We combine innovation with experience and hard work, to conceptualize and realize projects that anticipate the needs of the people who will live or work in the spaces that we build.

At BARUAH DEVELOPERS AND INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED, we create homes of true artistry and quality. The pleasure of living in M/S BARUAH DEVELOPERS AND INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED ‘s flats is better experienced than explained. Our valuable customers know this very well. We take every care to build your apartment. Our quality perception is above everything.

Our Activities

• Promoters of high-rise buildings
• Developing township, apartments & office complexes Very recently, we joined our hands withsome professionals like Senior Architects/Structural Engineers for Architectural services from :
• *Project conceptual analysis and Design to Site inspection, Project Management, etc.
• *Facilities planning, Option appraisal studies, Health care planning etc etc.
• Infrastructure

At BDIPL, we recruit the services of highly qualified professionals who have wide experience in the respective field, having honesty & sincerity along with very strong infrastructural facilities. We strongly endorse the views of our senior most consultant Engineers/ Architects. We gladly walk that extra mile in order to ensure that our clients get only the best. Literally speaking, we leave no stone unturned, when it comes to the procurement of raw materials for our buildings. Only the finest and the best available in this part of the world is used. We also ensure that we employ skilled workers and artisans during the construction and post-construction stage. We know that only the best and nothing less will do for our clients. And we would go all the way to ensure that it stays that way.

Our History

We started as a small company and have made a lot of efforts to become the leader in Jorhat, Assam. We wish to inspire local people in good construction practice as it is a matter of safety and durability. We strictly follow the laws and safety rules. Get known our company, history, team and projects we’ve made.

Modern Technologies

Using the latest building technologies in our work allows us creating outstanding projects and hold our leadership in the building industry initially in and around Jorhat. We co-operate with experienced engineers and technologists, and implement their inventions in our work and projects.

Proffesional Teamwork

One piece of log creates a small fire, adequate to warm you up, add just a few more pieces to blast an immense bonfire, large enough to warm up your entire circle of friends; needless to say that individuality counts but teamwork dynamites.”  We share this statement and value each of our workers. A lot of our team members work in BDIPL for many years and achieved success in their professions. This fact helps us to construct our objects on the highest level.


Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large”.

by Lord Holme and Richard Watts

Promoters of M/S BARUAH DEVELOPERS & INFRASTRUCTURE PVT.LTD.(BDIPL) have been contributing for the higher education of poor meritorious local students since 1988 individually. After formation of BDIPL, board of directors decided to assist a poor local meritorious student till completion of his/her course, who can qualify himself/herself for admission in to B.E. in any stream in a government engineering college of the state. Board decided not to impose any condition for the assistance to those students except a humble request to serve his/her country after completion of the study and every such established student should have ethics to promote the poor capable student in their service tenure.

BDIPL feels that all capable people should have such responsibility to the society so that deserving and financially weak students can achieve their goal and can participate in building a strong nation.


The construction industry makes a significant contribution to the quality of life in the country. The sector provided employment to a large number of the total labour force. In addition, the construction industry also realizes many aspects of government policies aimed to develop the nation. Examples include building of houses, schools, hospitals, roads, airports, ports and other transportation infrastructure.

Although the construction sector is vital to the achievement of national socio-economic development goals of providing employment, shelter and infrastructure, it can be a significant source of negative impacts on the physical environment. Among the major impacts associated with the industry are soil erosion and sedimentation, flash floods, destruction of vegetation and dust pollution. Other impacts associated with the industry include depletion of natural resources and the use of building materials harmful to human health.

We feel that the construction industry has a crucial role to create public awareness in general construction practices and need to take guidance of a qualified technical person of the line when constructing a building or anything. It can reduce the risk of the person constructing the building without knowing anything about the required norms and practices. BDIPL always giving thrust on public awareness and it has plan to arrange some “construction practice awareness camp” amongst the general public, skilled labour, labour contractors etc time to time from this 2014.

Our Strategy

Innovations and experiments in construction are essential, as they allow creating outstanding architecture objects and buildings.

Providing clients with better services requires implementing the latest technologies, which we integrate to traditional ones.

Our designers are highly educated, experienced and full of ideas to implement in our construction work. Their design ideas are gorgeous and award-winning.

A can-do attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers and fellow associates are essential to our company’s success.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards. It’s what our customers expect from us and what our associates expect from their leadership and each other.

We are professionals committed to saving our clients money through cost-effective solutions and value-added services while making a fair profit.





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